About Splits

Team Challengers works in different divisions for which we have named that as Splits. These are done to expertise the students in the fields which they are interested in, and help them to do valuable projects.

The splits are divided into 4 technical divisions. Every split will have a lead, sub-heads and a group of people working in the same as a team.

The following are the different splits under Flotanomers:


  1. Aero design and space
  2. Autonomous Systems
  3. Structural and Environmental Studies
  4. Automobiles

Technical splits

Aero design and space

  1. Aero - RC plane
  2. Aero - RC plane

    This section deals with the design, computation, construction and fabrication of RC planes.
    This set of team deals with innovation and development of RC planes.

  3. Aero - Quad copter
  4. Aero - Quad copter

    This section deals with the construction and fabrication of Quad Copter which can be used for various applications like getting the aerial view of the surface, Surveying etc.

  5. Nano Satellites
  6. Nano Satellites

    Nano satellites are tiny satellites which have the same features as that of large satellites and are compact in size.
    These are sent to space for the purpose of getting broadcast data like imaging of earth and so on.

  7. Space balloon
  8. Space balloon

    Space balloons are devices which are similar to that of parachutes which can go up to 30km height and can collect data on weather forecast and climatic variations over the earth.
    This can also be used for various other applications.

Autonomous Systems

  1. Auto plane
  2. Auto plane

    Auto planes are planes which are not controlled by human beings.
    These are programmed with Machine learning and Automated control board such that they are capable of monitoring them, themselves without the intervention of external agencies.

  3. Auto quad
  4. Auto quad

    Auto quad are quad copters which are autonomous in nature.
    Their function remains the same but they are programmed such that they are monitored by themselves.

  5. Auto Bot
  6. Auto Bot

    This section deals with building and fabrication autonomous bot.
    They are programmed to perform a particular task based on the requirements.

  7. Programming
  8. Programming

    Programming is the process of taking an algorithm and encoding it into a notation, a programming language, so that it can be executed by a computer.
    The main role of programming is to solve a given problem.

Structural and environmantal studies

  1. Aquatic experiments
  2. Aquatic experiments

    Life originated from water, so we are here to explore the science behind it.
    This section deals with experiments based on single units of life, their existence and adaptations.


  1. Human powered vehicle challenge
  2. Human powered vehicle challenge

    These are vehicles which are driven manually by human without the usage of electric power or combustion engine.

  3. Space rover
  4. Space rover

    These are the rovers which can be used in outer space also in the surface of other planets and the natural satellites.