Challengers club is formed to make a generation with scientific interest and knowledge. Since Aero design and space includes all the streams of engineering, Every individual will fit in to this. The students involved in this club activities will study the very basics of the aeromodelling and aerospace which is the future of the world. The Basic knowledge will give the students interest and advantage in getting to elite aerospace companies thus setting up a good carrier in future.

our plans

  • prime
  • Paper Plane
  • Chuck Glider
  • Geometric Patterns
  • science Games
  • Toys-RC Car,Water boat
  • Middle
  • RC Plane
  • RC Cars
  • Water Rocket
  • BOT Ground vehicles
  • physics concepts and games
  • Senior
  • RC Plane
  • QuadCopter
  • Sound Rocket
  • Easy Physics and Easy Chemistry
  • Small Satellite
  • Pre
  • RC Plane & quad copter
  • Nano-Satelite
  • IoT
  • Physics & Chemistry
  • Sound Rocket


  1. Online and Offline exam will be available.
  2. There will be two types of Exam – Either practical or MCQ.
  3. Exam is done for free.
  4. The Test can be taken at any point of time.
  5. Only after the person passes the exam with minimum of 90 percent, The individual is eligible for membership.
  6. But the individual will be given with a certificate if they don’t want to continue as a member.