SAE International Aerodesign East 2017

  • Oral presentation -2nd in the world
    overall -7th in the world

SAE International Aerodesign west 2017

  • Overall -6th in the world

SAE Aerodesign East 2016

  • Oral presentation -4th in the world
    Payload lifting 4th in the world
    Payload fraction.--6th in the world
    Final flight score- 10th in the world

Embedded Asia 2014

Secured first place in an international conference automotive embedded challenge at IISc, Bangalore

Conscientia 2014

Secured 2nd position in Aero Modelling competition at Indian Institute of space science and technology, Trivandrum.

Tathva-by the national institute of technology,calicut

  • 1st place in the Accelerobot
    3rd place in Astro Robotics
    2nd place in Gsmlabyrinth
    2nd place for Line follower

National Student Space Challenge

Secured 1st Position in a robotic competition named "Drill Droid" held at IIT-Kharagpur


    Anti Collision System (Published)

    Areca Tree Climber & Sprayer (Published)

    Bio-Exo Skelton (Awaiting Approval)

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