Our vision

Inspired by Indian Airforce, saluting its Logo “नभः स्पर्शम् दीप्तम्”, We envisage “विज्ञानम् यज्ञम् तनुते” that “Science is Yajna and Yajna is Science.

Our Mission

To inspire and empower the young minds to explore aeronautic posibilities.
To provide a challenging platform to exhibit technological talent.
To breath in the Space, traversing without wings, to recreate the glories of own of our Nation Bharat.



SAE International Aerodesign East 2017

Place: Lake Land Florida USA
Oral presentation 2nd in the world
overall 7th in the world


SAE International Aerodesign West 2017

Place: Fort worth Texas USA
Overall -6th in the world


SAE Aerodesign East 2016

Place: Fort worth Texas USA
Oral presentation -4th in the world
Payload lifting 4th in the world
Payload fraction.--6th in the world
Final flight score- 10th in the world


Embedded Asia 2014

Place: India
Secured first place in an international conference automotive embedded challenge at IISc, Bangalore


Sahyadri College of engineering & Management

Adyar, Mangaluru, Karanataka
575 007